Twice a year, public radio stations across the country hold fund drives on the air, on their news sites, and on their social medias. A majority of funding for the stations originate from these drives. I was tasked with creating the imagery for St. Louis Public Radio's spring 2020 fund drive. My goal was to create dynamic and inviting characters to show many ways through which individuals engage with public radio. 
St. Louis Public Radio's in house designer, David Kovaluk, and myself decided to pair these images with NPR's existing "Public Radio Nerd" branding. Unfortunately, this project was completed shortly before the COVID-19 crisis, and thus the tone of the drive needed to be drastically altered with the quickly changing priorities. Hopefully, these images will be useful for a future fund drive.
Overseen by: David Kovaluk
Above and left: Proposed designs to be used for house ads, social media promotion, and weekly email correspondence throughout the duration of the drive.
The rights to these images belong to St. Louis Public Radio. The rights to the "Public Radio Nerd" branding belongs to National Public Radio. The pictured illustrations were created by me.
This project was created using Procreate and Illustrator CC 2019
Fonts in use: News Gothic
Dimensions: Varied