This project functioned as a theoretical rebrand of Generation Z. My group collectively worked on the mood boards, logo mark, typeface choices, sub attributes, colors, and presentation. I worked on all the poster concepts and applications, the “get involved” touch screen application and the zine. Below is a short overview of the branding concept.

The root of our generation is in the name, Meta. Meta refers to a deep introspection, whether this be a deeper consideration of things like gender/race and/or sexuality, a greater value placed on mental health and well being, or a depth of thought that allows for greater adaptability and empathetic mindsets. This is also informed by a need for immediacy of information for our ever growing and changing mindsets and vice versa.

There is a dichotomy between looking into/within yourself and using that understanding to look out towards others and the world. This campaign represents that dichotomy by displaying the motto of “looking in, to look out” in various applications across multi-dimensional posters. This is also emphasized by the use of the contrasting black and off white.
Overseen by Chrissi Cowhey
This project was created using Illustrator CC 2021 and Photoshop CC 2021
Fonts in use: Space Mono, Roboto Slab