In this project, I translated the 99 Percent Invisible episode, "For the Love of Peat," into a 60-page book format. The episode explores the under-appreciated landscape of bogs and peatlands, and discusses its importance in conversations surrounding the climate crisis. There is a tendency to throw money and resources at tree planting, but that is not always the best solution and overlooks many variables. The grid references the contrast between dense forest plantations and the wide open spaces of bogs as well as the tendency to pin a simple solution on a complex issue. The title pages and caption treatments reference old natural history book styles and taxonomical grids, as do some of the image layouts. 
Overseen by Chrissi Cowhey
This project was created using Indesign CC 2021 and Photoshop CC 2021
Fonts in use: PP Woodland, Fivo Sans, Sohne Mono
Dimensions: 6.875in x 9.5in