In designing these postcards, my objective was to highlight the deep history of racial and socio-economic segregation in housing in St. Louis. The primary goal in this project was to create an informative and cohesive timeline of housing segregation, and to show how that discrimination is still entirely present today.
This history is centered around social policy, court cases, architecture, and city infrastructure. The texts collaged with the images are sourced from news clippings surrounding the events, the time period, or are primary sources from court cases. This required extensive archival research. The images themselves are images that directly reflect the subject of the card. 
Overseen by: Jude Agboada
The back of each postcard provided context for the subject depicted on the front.
Left: Sheet of stamps designed to complement the visual language and reflect the theme of the postcards.
Below: Select spreads from my process book, focusing on the step my step process of creating the set of cards, including early sketches, typographic investigation, and iterations of a postcard and stamp design.
This project was created using Photoshop CC 2019 and Indesign CC 2019
Fonts in use: KOMU, Interstate
Dimensions: 4in x 6in each